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TRKadjust09 was developed to allow changing the spline points of a track object in one operation.  The TRK file associated with a route provides the source for this program. A preliminary backup of this file into a file marked as OLD is offered before any alteration of the TRK file is performed.

The TRK file will contain ALL the splines that Trainz thinks are 'tracks'.  If the individual KUID 'config.txt' file defines TYPE as "track", then it will be in this file.  This means that TRKadjust can be used to adjust not only track splines but also some tunnels, bridges, fences, powerlines, platforms, roads, trees, and other spline-type objects.

This version of TRKadjust09 has the ability to adjust individual tracks of one given KUID, a few selected KUIDs, or all kuids in the file.  A screen list box is provided for KUID selection.  Be advised though that TRKadjust09 will alter the height of ALL splines for a given KUID, not just those on one board or in a limited area.

TRKadjust09 can be useful for several reasons, some of which are:

1) Joining modules of differing heights by adjusting the track on one module to fit the height of the attaching vertex on the other module.

2) Shifting the height of some tracks which appear to be 'floating' slightly above the terrain.  In this instance, a slight negative value (near -0.30) would be about right.

3) Shifting the height of a specific track-type object up or down.

It should also be noted that this program is designed for, and works with, TRS2009 only.  It will NOT work with any other version of Trainz.

For safety's sake PLEASE do a 'Save As ...' from within Surveyor BEFORE altering any track.  TRS2009 will complain if ANY other "foreign" file appears in the route folder.  I have tried every extension, but TRS2009 will NOT Commit the route if there is an 'OLD', 'SAV', or any other file except TXT in the folder.  It is because of this that I have removed the 'make a backup of the TRK folder?' from the program.  

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