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If you wish, you may use a different "built in" text file.  The file that TRKadjust uses resides in the installation folder for TRKadjust and is named "Built-In-Track.txt".  This file is a compilation of built-in items of type TRACK from Build 2365 of TRS2004.  Your content may vary slightly.

To make small addition or deletions, simply alter the existing file.  Ensure that one and ONLY one Tab character separates each item; AND that the field data is correct.  An "end-of-line" character (usually hitting the 'Enter' key will suffice) will terminate the new entry.  If a field's data is not known, then simply tab to the next field (which leaves two or more fields separated by more than one tab).

A more intensive method of producing a new list for use by TRKadjust is to use a program called "TrainzObjectz".  When run, it will scan your TRS2004 installation "chump" files and present them on the "Built In Objects" tab.  Check the "Track/Trackside" box and just track (and trackside objects) will be listed.  Adjust the viewed columns so that just the following are displayed (to do this, right-click on any column header bar and check the colums to display):

Name    Kind     Region     Type/Company     KUID    listentry

(Note that 'listentry' or "List Entry", which is an internal TrainzObjects database entry numbering column, cannot be supressed. )

Select the upper-left toolbar icon ("Save current page to disk as tab-separated list") and save your file.  Load the resulting file into Microsoft Excel by importing it from the "Data" menu item.  Delete the "listentry" column entirely along with all columns to the right of KUID, then Cut/paste the KUID column to be the leftmost column (column "A").  Verify that the resultant table has these columns, in order: KUID - NAME - KIND - REGION - TYPE.  Save the file as a Tab-Separated text (TXT) file under any name you wish.

Then use this menu item to seek out the file you saved and select it.  This file will be remembered and used until a new file is selected.   If you move or delete this file, TRKadjust will attempt to revert back to the original, default, text file.  I would recommend that you save the newly-created built in list text file in the TRKadjust installation folder but under a name not to conflict with "Built-In-Track.txt".