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Locating the TRS2004 executable                      Help Home

In order to give you more information concerning the track objects, TRKadjust needs to have you locate the TRS2004 executable (exe) program.  TRKadjust will use this "home address" to scan into your \custom\dispatcher\downloads folder and locate the configuration files for each KUID folder there.  This means more data is available to you for making a decision on which KUIDs to adjust.


To locate the executable, use the 'File Open' dialog box and navigate to the Trainz installation folder, then select the "TRS2004.exe" file and click 'Open', or simply double-click the executable file.  Once the file is located (and selected) TRKadjust will remember this location.  The red-highlighted "TRS2004.exe Not Located" sign will also disappear from the main screen.


Locating the Trainz executable is not necessary.  The program will run just fine, but the information displayed in the KUID selection list will show "No Info" after each KUID that isn't in the built-in text file loaded at the start of the program.