Known Issues

These are the known issues with TRKadjust09                    Help Home

As with any program, there are known issues concerning the effectiveness of the program.  TRKadjust09 is no exception and the items below should be taken into consideration before using TRKadjust09:

1) Some industry-aware tracks may become disconnected from their connecting tracks if the connecting tracks are adjusted.  Go into the map with Surveyor and look at every industry aware item and verify that the tracks are attached.

2) Occasional splines have been found that refuse to be adjusted for an unknown reason.

3) If splines are adjusted, but haven't been previously "set", that is, have their rotating vertex points circling in yellow, they may remain at their previous heights.  By using the Surveyor 'Vertex Height Adjustment' tool, just touch the vertex with the mouse and it will snap to the newly adjusted height.

4) If you alter two different tracks by differing amounts but they are connected there will be a gradient between them that must be taken care of.  I have NO control over this - if you have differing tracks connected with splines only 100 meters apart there WILL be a gradient between them.  Plan accordingly. 


In view of the above, one should ALWAYS go over a newly adjusted route carefully in case one or more of these issues has occured.