Welcome to the Trainz Routez Repository

My name is Bill and I can be found on the Auran Forum website as 'Hiballer'. This site has been established so that content creators in either TRS2004 or TRS2006 can still distribute their created routes now that uploading has been disabled for those versions of the simulator.

Image of Bill
This is me in the hot seat of the VRR's #97

If you wish to have your route listed here, send me an email (hiballer AT sbcglobal DOT net) or PM on the forum. Give me a brief description of your route, the version it is designed for, and, optionally, a brief bio and/or up to four screen shots. I will create a linked page containing your information and a link to the actual CDP file. Please be sure the route is in the form of a CDP. Other formats will not be accepted.

NOTE: This site is NOT a storage facility. If you distribute a route from here you should definitely keep a copy on your own computer for safety. This site is definitely a 'use at your own risk' site.

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I also have created some programs over the years that can be used with Trainz TRS 2004. With some limitations, a few of them can be used on TRS2006.

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